We have approximately 160 plots.

A 10 pole allotment measures 1/16 acre which is roughly 32 x 8m (256m2)

Half plots are approximately 16 x 8m

As a guide a tennis court is roughly 22 x 8m.

Plots are available from £30 p.a. and this includes the plot rental, insurance and water.

There is a plot and key deposit, both of which are returnable on leaving the plot in a ‘reasonable’ condition.

Full Plot £30 p.a.

Half Plot £24 p.a.

Key Deposit £20

Plot Deposit 1 year rental

Concessions are available at the discretion of the committee.

The allotment MUST be kept in good condition throughout the year so you should allow a small amount of time (a couple of hours minimum) each week for a half plot, especially during the Spring and Summer months to ensure that the small tasks are kept on top of. Little and often is a good mantra. Obviously the larger the plot the more work it takes – start small and work up to a larger plot as you gain more experience. A useful analogy is that of a gym membership – there is no point having one if you are not going to go and use it!