COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Important Do’s and Don’ts from the National Allotment Society

The big no no is if you are self isolating or you or one of your family has the virus you must not visit the allotment.  

  1. Coronavirus is with us and will be for some time with many restrictions.
  2. Mr Gove has said that visiting your allotment can be a health benefit. We fit it around our daily leisure activity. But follow the basic hygiene guidelines and social distancing guidelines.
  3. Do not chat close, be at least 2 m apart.
  4. keep washing your hands but not in the water barrels on site.
  5. when unlocking or locking the entry gate use gloves and afterwards wash hands or use a sanitizer.
  6. if you are self isolating or and some one in your  family have the virus. DO NOT VISIT THE SITE.
  7. Suggest visit the National Allotment association site link below for more information

National Allotment Society – COVID-19 Guidance

Also I expect this change daily.

John, Chairman